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After recent policy successes, what now for BBPA..?

On 14/08/13 by Andy Tighe (Policy Director)

After many years of hard work followed by seemingly inevitable disappointment at Budget time, achieving a 2% duty cut and abolition of the beer duty escalator was an extremely proud moment for all of us at BBPA. To be able to demonstrate such a significant and tangible return for our members’ investment in their trade body is an incredible feeling. This was, lest we forget, one billion pounds already accounted for in the public finances that now had to be found elsewhere. The Government ‘s decision not to go ahead with fiscal marks for beer last month was a further massive boost, again saving tens of millions of pounds a year and avoiding major complexity being added to brewery operations.

So what now? A long-term freeze in beer duty? business rate reform? reduced VAT rates? An accelerated and substantive reduction in red tape and bureaucracy for pubs? Expectations are running high!

Whatever our focus, as always, our policy ‘asks’ of Government need to credible and underpinned with rigorous analysis and a very robust evidence-base. They must be in tune with and acknowledge the political, economic and social landscape we find ourselves in but also with an eye for the future. We must build-on, not undermine, the support we have built up through our duty work and strengthen, not weaken, our own coalitions with key partners advocating a sustainable a prosperous future for beer and pubs. We must also continue to work with Government to support and deliver their policy goals.

Above all, our members must buy-in to our ambitions and objectives and continue the fantastic support and engagement we enjoy today. After all, it’s a long game. Cheers.


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