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‘... and the Lord Mayor said: Let There Be Beer’

On 02/07/13 by Gareth Barrett

Whilst being located in the City of London gives the BBPA team a fantastic selection of pubs to choose from, the limited open spaces, and array of banking headquarters does not necessarily make it an obvious location for an open-air beer festival. This Thursday (from 3.30pm until 9pm), that all changes, when bankers, builders, brewers and the BBPA’s own beer lovers will join together to bibulate at the first City Beerfest outside the historic Guildhall.

With permission and encouragement from the Lord Mayor, and presented by the City of London Festival and the Worshipful Company of Brewers, the Guildhall Yard will be taken over by a celebration of beer in aid of the Lord Mayor’s Appeal. Bringing together a range of beers from BBPA members Fullers, Hall & Woodhouse, Theakston’s and Young’s – making this an experience for which we can all thank the Lord Mayor!

As the industry joins together to get behind Let There Be Beer, this is a great opportunity to show our appreciation for beer as a social lubricant, showing support for the work of the Brewers’ Company and also raising money for some fantastic charities.

If you find yourself in the City on the fourth, then like a (Young’s) Hummingbird you can flutter on by – or be taken in by the Old Peculier that is the Guildhall – this event demonstrating that even in the hub of the city a beer is something to be celebrated – trying something old or new – so we encourage you all to take in a London Pride, or build hunger for a Hopping Hare, let’s take up the Lord Mayor’s challenge, and Let There Be Beer in the City of London.

For more information and to get tickets please click here.


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