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BBPA statistics - testing the temperature of the UK beer market

On 25/06/13 by Simon Goldrick (Policy & Information Officer)

BBPA statistics - testing the temperature of the UK beer market

In an increasingly challenging market, both commercially and politically, the need for accurate, reliable data and statistics is essential to success. As demonstrated by its wide use in The Sun’s ‘Axe the Beer Tax’ campaign, data from the BBPA and its members can persuasively make the case for economic policy and political action.

There are three main sources of industry data available, with which to analyse the UK beer market - market research companies, government statistics, and BBPA data. Worthy of note are the two main market research agencies CGA Strategy for on-trade data and Nielsen for the off-trade, both of which add value to industry information.

The BBPA collects data from member companies to produce a monthly Sales Volume Survey which is then distributed to members - and is also available to purchase. This covers both the on and off-trade categories, including ale, stout and lager (standard and premium strengths, draught, canned or bottled) as well as cask ale. We have recently added an executive briefing to this, which adds wider economic context and commentary to the results.

These monthly results are then incorporated into the publicly available Beer Barometer - a topline quarterly publication, which can be found alongside other statistics here. On an annual basis the BBPA publishes an Annual Barrelage Survey which covers the industry in more detail and is likewise available to BBPA members or is available to purchase. Excitingly the 2012 results were published on Tuesday. In addition, other statistics are provided to members, including quarterly export data and market forecasts, giving them an accurate industry context for members to compare their performance to.

For those who just can’t get enough of the stats... the BBPA also annually publishes the BBPA Statistical Handbook, a veritable bible for those who monitor the sector. This is the leading statistical publication in the industry and is now on its 39th edition. The 2013 edition will be published at the end of August, but in the meantime, you can always peruse the the 2011 and 2012 editions, which are available on our website.

If you have any statistical queries or would like to discuss BBPA statistics in more depth, please get in touch!


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