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Boxing clever with the Licensed Trade Charity

On 06/11/15 by Brigid Simmonds (Chief Executive)

An evening with the Licensed Trade Charity is always an evening well spent. I was fortunate enough to be invited to their Charity Boxing Tournament (to watch you will be relieved to hear, rather than participate)! Sponsored by Shepherd Neame, previous events have raised over £55,000 and I am sure this year will be no different. Each course had beer as an ingredient: from Whitstable Bay Blonde Broth to Fine Apple Tart and Brilliant Ale ice cream! We bought raffle tickets, guessed who would win the first six boxing rounds and entered a competition to win all the beer left over from the evening’s drinks reception. It was great fun, but all in a very good cause too.

The boxers all came from the Fitzroy Lodge Amateur Boxing Club (ABC), which is a not-for-profit community club. Part of the club is Carney’s Community; a charity which aims to reduce offending and re-offending, and anti-social behaviour, by engaging a range of young people in positive and constructive activities. It is all of course amateur boxing, but very fast and furious and extremely engaging to watch. Like going to the races, I chose who might win each bout based on whether I liked their names and inevitably lost each one, but that did not spoil my appreciation of how hard they had worked to be so physically fit.

As those of you who attended our Annual Dinner will know, the Licensed Trade charity works to help those who are facing personal or family problems and work or have worked in the trade. This covers both pubs and brewing. They provide a helping hand during tough times and very much deserve all our support. The LTC also runs three schools; one is main-stream in Ascot, but two are for autistic children which are just quite wonderful to visit to see some very special work. One hundred per cent of those who they help go onto further education or find a job. It is very humbling, but so important for the families whose children need this sort of care. I think all in the trade should support the LTC in whatever way we can. They are doing a great job and helping so many.


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