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Challenges ahead for Licensed Trade Charity

On 16/01/14 by Liz Gaffer (Director of Marketing & Charity Services, LTC)

Getting our message and free 0808 801 0550 helpline number in front of all the hard-working people in the pubs and breweries, to let them know we are here for them when they face difficulties is a critical part of my job. So it’s great to hear that there is now something of a ‘buzz’ around the industry about the good work the Licensed Trade Charity is doing.

Since re-launching our website, and demonstrating our relevance to the pub trade, we are delighted that some of the bigger pub companies are now on-board and helping us spread the word within their organisations. We are successfully working with Punch Taverns, Spirit Pub Company, Heineken and JW Lees and have recently released e-campaigns to breweries including Greene King, Shepherd Neame, Thwaites, Hydes, and the smaller family brewer Wadworths.

Informative content on our website continues to grow apace as we cover more and more issues pertinent to those working in the trade. During the recent storms we issued a press release informing all licensees to go online for practical guidance on what to do if they, their pub or their bar staff have been affected by the floods. This is just one example of the support and care we provide to our industry, but there are many more ways we offer help on personal issues from financial worries, health concerns, housing issues and family matters.

If you work in HR or have an Operational role at a Corporate level, and you see the benefits of working together with the Licensed Trade Charity to help more people facing difficulties in the pub trade, please get in touch. Securing partnerships remains my biggest challenge in the year ahead.


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