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#freeze4beer – keeping the pressure on

On 26/02/14 by Sophie McIntyre

It’s just over three weeks until Budget 2014. The BBPA team has been busy campaigning, and providing members with campaign tools. With 900,000 working in our industry, we can make a real difference in our call for a duty freeze.

There has been some fantastic campaigning so far – from members small to large: family brewers, global brewers; those with a handful of pubs and those with thousands. A few of these initiatives are highlighted below, which will hopefully provide inspiration for what can be done.

  • Hook Norton has written to all their MPs, using our Oxford Economics local data, personalising each case using their own pubs and breweries. Theakstons has been in correspondence with two local MPs on the issue. They have also included the essential message on duty in all their recent press releases.
  • St Austell has presented a Beer Champion award to local MP Sheryll Murray, and has engaged other local MPs using our Beer Story leaflet, and local statistics.
  • Little Valley Brewery is to feature our new beer mats in pubs and at the Little Valley Brewery Off Licence. They will also be sent local MPs’ offices.
  • Heineken has used both their free trade First Orders and Pub Life lessees magazine to promote the campaign, using infographics from the Beer Story. They have written to all of their UK staff encouraging them to lobby MPs, and targeted every MP in a constituency where they have a brewing operation.
  • They are also sending campaign beermats and a copy of the Beer Story to their more than 2,000 Star Pubs & Bars.
  • Enterprise Inns have engaged all of their staff and publicans by encouraging them to lobby MPs. They have also written to every MP in constituencies where they have a significant presence.
  • Fullers have asked all of their managers to write to their local MPs, making the publican’s case to Parliament. Letters have been flooding in.
  • Timothy Taylors have engaged their local MPs, personalising their case, on the issue.
  • Daleside has engaged their local MP, taken advantage of media opportunities and pushed out campaign messaging on social media.
  • Carlsberg have engaged their local MPs and also used their corporate social media channels to push out the Beer Story infographics.
  • Brewers from Yorkshire and the North East held a Reception in the Houses of Parliament, focusing on the need for a duty freeze.

Of course, these are just a few examples. We would like to know what others have been done to date – please let us know how you have been engaging with the campaign.

Finally, here is a brief summary of the actions you can take and the tools that we have put together to help you and your staff engage.

1. Get your MP onside
Write to your local MP highlighting the sector’s importance in your constituency. We have written up a template letter asking him or her to consider the importance of the sector and then sign the EDM and/or write to the Chancellor.

You can also lobby your MP via a link that CAMRA has set up to help move the campaign along.

2. Engage your local media
Get in touch with your local press. Use our template news release to get them interested in the importance of the industry to your local area. Please fill in the gaps using data from the engagement pack spread sheet.

3. Get your beer mats out there
We have created a range of beer mats modelled on the 2014 Beer Story. Many are now on their way to members across the country – if you would like some, please let us know before they run out!

4. Tweet the #freeze4beer message
Tweet your MP, people in your area and your local media. Let them know the number of jobs and economic contribution of our industry in your local area using the campaign hashtag #freeze4beer.

5. Make your communications personal
Personalise all communication using local level data detailing how important the industry is to your area. This data can be downloaded here. We also have constituency and local authority snapshot sheets – please contact our Public Affairs Manager, Gareth Barrett,, if you would like us to send you any of these.

6. …But keep the broader picture in mind
For more information on the broader economic contribution of the industry, our Beer Story 2014 is available to view here and the infographics from the brochure are also available to download here. Members should also have received this publication in the post.

Thanks for all your help. It is really making a difference.


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