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Freight - a vital part of London’s future

On 10/11/15 by Steve Livens (Policy Manager - Product Assurance & Supply Chain)

The 11th Transport for London Freight forum, held last week in Southwark, presented an ideal opportunity for stakeholders within the freight industries to hear some of the ideas and possible future plans that TfL envisages for freight in London as part of its ongoing task of dragging the city kicking and screaming into a safer, greener and more efficient future.

Something the assembled throng spent considerable time discussing during the forum was the potential policy directions of the two most likely front runners for Mayor, identified by Luke Blair of the London Communications Agency as Conservative and Labour candidates Zac Goldsmith and Sadiq Khan.

Luke told us there was very little to tell apart from the two, with both claiming similar policy goals which seemed to feature strongly, the banning of lorries in London!

As it is early in the campaign, both Luke and Leon Daniels, Head of Surface Transportation at TfL, highlighted that now is the time for the freight industry to engage with policy development in both mayoral camps. This is wise, as it seems clear that, at least in terms of transportation improvements and with London’s rapid commercial and residential expansion, freight requirements remain largely misunderstood.

Freight continues to be one of the most underdeveloped and misunderstood policy areas associated with London’s future growth and development. There is a real need for the freight industry to engage quickly and clearly to highlight just how important the freight infrastructure is to London's future.

BBPA has worked successfully with TfL over the last year to address the broader lack of misunderstanding of freight requirements as TfL has tried to realise the current Mayor’s cycling vision within London.

Such partnership has been both educational for TfL and beneficial for the brewery logistics and delivery industry in securing the safety and efficiency of beer deliveries to London’s pubs. Something that London’s growing numbers of residents and workers are sure to appreciate after a hard day at work or a little peddle-based exercise!

Whoever the new Mayor for London might be, collaboration is the way forward. London’s growth is not hindered by, but is reliant upon a strong, freight infrastructure and the industry itself holds the same core themes of efficiency, environment and safety at its heart.


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