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Happy birthday Wadworth 6X

On 29/05/13

Friday the 24th of May saw the celebration of the 90th birthday of Wadworth's flagship beer brand, 6X. The 'party' was held at Coopers' Hall in the City of London, a place steeped in brewing heritage, as displayed in the Hall’s museum. The casks made by the Coopers have carried beer to thirsty drinkers for centuries, some of which are still on display. Our host for the day was Wadworth's Chairman, Charles Bartholomew, the great-grandson of the company's founder, Henry Wadworth.

For the occasion, Head Brewer, Brian Yorston, delved into the brewing archives and recreated the original 6X recipe. Like many beers, the taste of 6X has evolved over the course of its history. As Brian explained, various external factors had caused these changes, most importantly the Second World War, which resulted in ingredient shortages and rationing.

Like all family brewers the company has a long and illustrious history, with a very strong local presence. And their flagship 6X has helped them to build a national presence in pubs and supermarkets. To enable competitive growth the company has had to invest and modernise, to be fit for the 21st century.

This ability to adapt is the key to success for Wadworth's and the other family brewers. They have invested heavily in technology within the brewery, cutting energy costs and carbon emissions. In 2009 a brand new copper house was installed, replacing kit dating back to 1885. These changes were made without affecting the quality and taste of the company’s brews. More recently the company has invested in a microbrewery on-site to develop new and innovative new beers, including the Beer Kitchen range.

The company has also invested heavily in their brands and pubs. A tie-up with Bath Rugby Club has boosted their regional presence and their pubs are highly regarded through the south of England.

Wadworth’s continued progression is a great example of how innovation helps to ensure that family brewers maintain and increase their unique appeal. The combination of longstanding heritage and traditional products with a modern forward-looking outlook is clearly a winning one, and is why us lucky Britons will continue to be able to celebrate many more beery birthdays in the years to come.


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