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Jobs lead the agenda at BBPA working group

On 31/01/14 by Brigid Simmonds (Chief Executive)

The BBPA Jobs Working Group met this week in Cardiff, under the chairmanship of Scott Waddington of S A Brain. Although our membership was slightly depleted due to travelling difficulties, we had a very good exchange of information on subjects ranging from the BBPA Budget submission to work experience, apprenticeships and the Pub Chefs campaign to an update from People 1st. We even visited the very impressive Brain's training kitchen.

Scott Waddington is a member of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills. They are currently undertaking one of the largest ever audits of skill levels in the UK and are in some cases looking at specific sectors. They are also the guardians of Investors in People and are rejuvenating the scheme to make it more appropriate for business.

The Group discussed working with DWP (I met the new Minister Esther McVey MP) at the end of last year. They are responsible for Job CentrePlus whose success at a local level appears variable, particularly in London. We are urging training for JobCentre Plus staff in London as the next tranche of regional training, and in the meantime, the Perceptions Group is looking at how pre-work screening and training with commercial providers like CPL, can help job seekers prepare for work experience in a pub.

Apprenticeships are undergoing an overhaul. The new frameworks must be employer led and there will very soon be discussions about one framework for each skill e.g. chefs. The training will have to last for a year and be truly skills based. BBPA will be engaging with People 1st and writing to Matthew Hancock MP to seek involvement. What was heartening was the number of apprenticeships. Ever since the announcement of 50 apprenticeships in 50 days at Robinsons, I have felt excited about the opportunities for those working in our sector. Marstons told us they have 400 to 450 apprentices in their pubs and about six at their head office. Punch has 170 to 180 and Brains about 95 to 100.

We talked about the BBPA Pub Chefs campaign. We are looking to make a film to change perceptions and engage through a peer to peer video directly with young people. We need young chefs who work in your businesses to volunteer to help. They need to inspire and connect with young people, have outside interests and be engaging. If any of your team fit the bill, please make contact with David Wilson.

Finally we discussed the potential increases in the National Minimum Wage. There has been speculation that the Chancellor is looking to raise the NMW to £7 by 2015 and even 11% increase staged over two years would hurt our sector and be out of line with average earnings. The BBPA recently hosted a regional visit of the Low Pay Commission and gave evidence regarding the impact of a large increase on the pub sector and potential job creation. Let us hope that their recommendation, which should be with the Government by the end of February, will be sensible and listened to. There is a fragile recovery beginning which we are keen to encourage through our pubs.

The Working Group will be meeting again in May - if in your team you have someone with an interest in these subjects, please let me know. We would be delighted for them to join us.


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