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John Sergeant to host the 2013 BBPA Annual Dinner & Awards!

On 30/05/13 by Sophie McIntyre

We are now taking bookings for the British Beer & Pub Association Annual Dinner and Awards 2013. This year’s event will take place at the Park Plaza, Westminster, London, on Wednesday 9th October.

Our host for this year's event is a unique media personality, with decades of his life spent covering hard news. He later put in the hours on that slightly less high brow TV institution, Strictly Come Dancing. I, for one, cannot forget his grace and poise...

However, it must not be forgotten that Sergeant has a wicked sense of humour. He began his post university life writing comedy scripts and playing characters for Alan Bennett, before returning to the limelight much later in his career as the host of one of the funniest Have I Got News for You episodes ever recorded. He flitted between author, broadcaster and journalist during his career, but Sergeant is best known for his 20 year role as the BBC's chief political correspondent - all stemming from his first press job as a reporter on the Liverpool Echo before he joined the BBC in 1970.

The broadcast which shot him into the limelight on a permanent basis was the ‘handbagging’ incident, which took place on the steps of the British Embassy in Paris just days before Baroness Thatcher stood down as Prime Minister. The then Prime Minister's Press Secretary, Bernard Ingham, elbowed Sergeant out of the way to ensure that he was unable to get the scoop on whether her departure from office was imminent. The fact that Sergeant’s cameras were pointing the wrong way and missed the shot of the Prime Minister emerging from a meeting was also a key element of the broadcast’s popularity. Sergeant went on to cover stories in more than 25 countries, including Vietnam, Cyprus and Israel and also regularly reported from Northern Ireland (he reported the first British soldier killed during the Troubles). He has also been a correspondent in Washington, Paris and Dublin.

We are, as you can imagine, eagerly anticipating his eloquence and wit at this year’s BBPA awards! As you know, The BBPA Annual Dinner & Awards event brings together the leaders of the British brewing and pub sectors along with industry suppliers and stakeholders. Following on from last year’s success, this year’s awards look set to be highly competitive and given this year’s host the evening promises to be particularly entertaining.

If you are interested in sponsoring this event or booking a table, please contact Sophie McIntyre on 020 7627 9155, email or have a look online


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