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Keg Watch Security Team Keep Busy

On 30/10/13

Guest blog from Keg Watch Chairman, Hector Taylor

The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013, is now law and whilst a ban on cash payments has been in effect since October, the wider Act will be enforced from 1st December this year. This long awaited piece of legislation will enhance the increasingly effective working relationships that Keg Watch has developed with both the Police and other Law Enforcement Agencies.

As an example, the Keg Watch security team, on behalf of the UK brewing industry, now routinely undertakes more than 100 investigations per annum of which around 30% result in a police caution or prosecution.

Investigations are initiated by calls to the office concerning anything from a few kegs being found at a non-accredited scrap yard to a full trunker load having been detained by police or border authorities without any valid documentation.

Online auction sites are an area of particular interest.. During this summer alone, Keg Watch has identified 62 instances of casks and kegs being offered for sale. Upon being advised that these containers were the legal property of the brewers, the vast majority of individuals concerned immediately asked us to collect the containers for repatriation to the owners. There are a handful of cases that remain unresolved, which generally relate to confusion over the ownership of containers left in pub cellars, which the new owners claim are included in the sale.

Keg Watch continue to challenge the individuals who refuse to recognise the true, legal ownership of brewers’ containers and any direct contact by such individuals attempting to return kegs or casks in exchange for payment should be referred to Keg Watch as soon as possible.

Remember to call Keg Watch on 0800 100 1945 if you have any suspicions regarding illegal handling and use of containers.


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