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National Pubwatch conference – partnership in action

On 21/02/14 by Jim Cathcart (Policy Manager - Pub Operations)

The 11th National Pubwatch conference was held this week at the Palace Hotel, Manchester. Well attended by licensees, police, local authorities and others with an interest in the trade, the title of the conference was ‘protect and promote your Pubwatch through partnership working’ and a variety of speakers expounded on this theme.

After a welcome from National Pubwatch chairman Steve Baker, Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Sir Peter Fahy opened the conference and was followed by Mark Baird of Diageo giving the trade view of partnership working. ACPO licensing lead Adrian Lee also presented, with a challenge to the trade to increase efforts to tackle alcohol related anti-social behaviour.

The two breakout workshops gave an opportunity for delegates to provide input into two areas – protecting your Pubwatch and partnership working. The first workshop saw pubwatches, police and local authorities receive advice on how to steer clear of legal challenges under the Human Rights Act by ensuring that pubwatches remain independent of public authority direction and ban people based on their own decisions.

The Home Office in the second workshop gave an update on the new Local Alcohol Action Areas (LAAAs) held in 20 areas across the country. The LAAAs are intended to bring together local authorities, the police, health bodies and the on- and off-trades in order to address problems related to alcohol misuse with Home Office support. Delegates also heard about the work of the Portman Group in promoting partnership working, and the Hereford Pubwatch HAND scheme whereby those who have been banned can have this lifted upon successful completion of an alcohol awareness course. The pubwatch and police reported that this scheme had seen success during the year it had been in place, and were looking to roll this out to other areas to test its viability in urban areas.

Overall, the conference was one of the most successful National Pubwatch events so far and demonstrated the key role pubwatches play in the social responsibility landscape. The BBPA has been a supporter and promoter of pubwatches and National Pubwatch for a number of years, and we urge members to promote them to their lessees, tenants and managers – especially those new to the trade. There are many successful voluntary partnership schemes which are leading the way in the good management of public spaces, such as local Pubwatches, Best Bar None, Business Improvement Districts and Purple Flag, and should be encouraged at every opportunity.


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