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New infographics on responsible retailing

On 20/11/14 by Neil Williams (Head of Media)

At the BBPA, we are often contacted on stories relating to the harm caused by alcohol, and we often find ourselves filling in gaps in knowledge, to present the whole picture.

And there is good news to report. Binge drinking is falling, as is harmful drinking and underage drinking. Earlier this year, working with colleagues in The Portman Group and other trade bodies, we gathered these and other facts into a comprehensive guide to all the available statistics, so that those interested in these issues have access to all the key facts.

The reasons for falling alcohol harms will always be complex, but the industry is certainly doing a lot. To give just a couple of examples close to home, the BBPA, along with Drinkaware, has introduced a customer unit-awareness campaign, with posters and other resources supplied by pub companies to pubs. We and our members are also working with the Government through the Public Health Responsibility Deal to reduce units of alcohol in the on-trade.

So it was great to see these new infographics from The Portman Group yesterday, highlighting the strides we are all making. I hope people will share them and tweet them @portmangroup, as well as highlighting the huge number of other initiatives and schemes across the country.

We need to make sure we paint a full picture of all the great work the industry is doing.


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