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Night at the museum – experiments in the science of brewing

On 23/08/13 by Gareth Barrett

Brewing science, I must admit, has not always been at the top of the list of themes for a ‘good night out’ – beer has its discursive moments, certainly, but discussion of the detailed science has been known to, on occasion, bring on a brief spell of narcolepsy.

This is set to all change. If you’ve got a free Wednesday evening in London next week, there’s an event that will satisfy the beer-lovers, trendsetters and scientists in all of us. Shepherd Neame have partnered with the Science Museum to be part of the latest Science Museum Lates series, focusing on food and drink.

The event will run from 6.45pm to 10pm, when Shepherd Neame Master Brewer Stewart Main will be giving a presentation on brewing, the core ingredients and what it takes to make a truly special beer. The evening does not stop there – you could enjoy further food and drink themed science shows, a pub quiz, Punk Science comedy shows, a silent disco underneath space rockets (I’m not 100% sure of the advantages of dancing under space rockets but it seems to be a popular thing) with further DJs and bars on three floors of the museum.

I have fond memories of the Science Museum both from childhood and from my early twenties, when thanks to free entry I could borrow a child from a relative or friend then take them round so ‘they’ could play with the variety of objects in their Launchpad section of ‘hands on’ science, entirely justifying my visit and not hitting my student wallet. Now this adults-only event will allow people to appreciate the atmosphere of the museum with a beer and find out ever more about the science of brewing.

As late night science has become more hip, with the Science Museum Lates now having over 3,000 attendees, this seems like the perfect opportunity – brewing, a museum that is thoroughly enjoyable and the company of London’s trend setters. The regular attendees of this event describe it as ‘drinking and thinking’ – on that basis I’m more than keen to participate.

To find out more about Science Museum Lates please click here.


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