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Refreshing the growth strategy for England’s Tourism

On 23/03/15 by Brigid Simmonds (Chief Executive)

As appropriate in English Tourism Week, Visit England has launched a consultation on their Growth Strategy towards 2020. This is an interim review and they are looking for industry engagement.

Visit England held a successful launch event last week, one of several events during the week in which I participated; I was asked to speak about how the BBPA had linked our own work with Visit England Strategy. I gave four examples:

  1. ‘Investing in products suited to people with Special Needs’.
    We published ‘An Open Welcome; Why being accessible is good for your pub’ in 2012 It encouraged licensees to attract the 27 per cent of the population with access needs, as there is clear evidence that with great service, they will return.

  2. ‘Increasing the visibility and understanding of England’s tourism offer’
    The BBPA worked with Visit Peak District to introduce Tourist Information Points in Pubs. Visit Peak District provides brochures and other material and local people in the pub can give advice: pubs open later than many Tourist Information Centres; and often visitors stay for a drink and meal after seeking the information.

  3. ‘Attracting and retaining motivated people and developing their skills’
    Our new film to attract young people interested in becoming chefs to choose the pub trade has just been launched under the Pub Passion website. In addition we have encouraged the employment of apprentices and work to highlight the huge amount of training offered in the brewing and pub sector.

  4. ‘Increasing the visibility and understanding of England’s tourism offer’
    The five major brewers have invested £15 million over five years in ‘There’s a Beer for That’; a consumer campaign aimed at improving the image of beer as a perfect drink with food, suited to a wide range of occasions; a drink for men and women; and of high quality. In the UK, most of the beer we drink is brewed here in Britain, and we have worked with DEFRA on their study on the local provenance of food and drink.

The consultation is now online; There will also be an online questionnaire for you to complete. The BBPA will be putting forward our own response in due course. The consultation will run until 15th May.


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