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Reform of energy efficiency taxation for pubs and breweries - what the 2016 Budget told us


The 2016 Budget contained a vast range of measures that will affect...

Tackling the business rates burden on pubs


The BBPA believes the current business rates regime is profoundly unfair to pubs and will continue to fight for a better deal.

BBPA exhibits British beer at the World Expo


A selection of the finest British beers made the trip to Milan at the end of September to be showcased at the British Beer Festival in the UK pavilion at the World Expo.

Where's my £1000 discount? That's the question a lot of licensees have found themselves asking recently


The Autumn Statement last December announced [a £1,000 discount for...

An Autumnal boost for Britain's pubs


Yesterday saw the Chancellor's Autumn Statement, though the weather...

Working through Europe to boost the beer trade worldwide


It is fair to say that Europe has not had the best economic luck over the past five years. Overall the economies of the EU have seen growth of three per cent from the beginning of 2008 up to the end of 2012. Of course many countries have fared much worse, and some have outperformed others. In contrast the world's emerging markets have continued to grow, albeit at a slower rate than before the global financial meltdown. It's therefore not a surprise that Europe's leading companies are looking to these markets for export growth.

No lies, damned lies, just a load of statistics on beer and pubs


The BBPA is proud of its numbers! We have a long history of building a credible evidence base in the arguments we make. We work with a wealth of statistics in our day-to-day operations, so it makes sense for us to pull these together in one place for others to use, and help them understand the industry we support.

What are Labour's plans on business rates? And what will it mean for pubs?


The big policy announcement ahead of Ed Miliband's keynote speech on Tuesday was a 'cut' in business rates for small businesses in 2015, if Labour were to be elected.

Bringing British beer to the Balkans


At home the big beer event of the year has been the Great British Beer Festival (GBBF). On the other side of Europe, around 1,300 miles away, a totally different beer festival has been taking place. The Belgrade Beer Festival ( is an outdoor festival, attracting around half a million people. Many global and local brands are represented, and for the first time British beers were represented. The festival also doubles up as one of the region's largest music festivals.

Overseas opportunities ahead for brewers


Yesterday saw the launch of the latest stage of the UK Government’s attempts to boost UK exports - the [‘GREAT weeks’] ( programme.

Expanding the export market


Britain rightly has a global reputation for the quality of its beers and has been brewing beers to send around the world for centuries. India Pale Ales and Russian Imperial Stouts are some of the most famous beer styles designed for overseas markets. These are still brewed today for consumption in the UK and as part of the burgeoning export market.

Happy birthday Wadworth 6X


Friday the 24th of May saw the celebration of the 90th birthday of Wadworth's flagship beer brand, 6X. The 'party' was held at Coopers' Hall in the City of London, a place steeped in brewing heritage, as displayed in the Hall’s museum . The casks made by the Coopers have carried beer to thirsty drinkers for centuries, some of which are still on display. Our host for the day was Wadworth's Chairman, Charles Bartholomew, the great-grandson of the company's founder, Henry Wadworth.

The need for sustainable business rates


Business rates are a major cost burden to pubs in the UK and although the Government has recognised this pressure, there is more that could be done.