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Do beer duty cuts really help pubs?


With our campaign for another cut in beer duty now in full swing, i...

Brewing contributes to development across the world


The WBA in conjunction with the four global brewers hosted an extremely well-attended beer reception on Tuesday evening to close the first day of the WTO Global Review of Aid for Trade in Geneva.

Policy implications of the General Election


Perhaps unsurprisingly, my first thought about the election result ...

Worldwide Brewing Alliance – working together on global challenges


Representatives of brewers and brewing trade associations from acro...

Alcohol policy. Moving beyond the evidence-base...?


A number of recent reports, conferences and proposals have questioned whether in a desire to ‘do more’ and ‘go further’ to foster the culture of responsible drinking in the UK that we all aspire to, we are moving well beyond what is rational, evidence-based policies. This ultimately risks being counter-productive and damaging.

Tackling Excise Duty Fraud: next steps


Despite the very welcome decision by Government not to proceed with tax stamps for beer, expectations remain high that the legitimate industry has a greater role to play in achieving a significant reduction in duty fraud and associated revenue losses.

Evidence-based policy high on the global beer agenda


Would doctors really ever recommend alcohol to patients? This was one of the many questions considered at the Worldwide Brewing Alliance annual meeting that took place last week in the USA.

Tackling excise fraud...a big issue


Ever wondered how much illicit alcohol and tobacco is seized by the authorities and what they are doing about it?

After recent policy successes, what now for BBPA..?


After many years of hard work followed by seemingly inevitable disappointment at Budget time, achieving a 2% duty cut and abolition of the beer duty escalator was an extremely proud moment for all of us at BBPA. To be able to demonstrate such a significant and tangible return for our members’ investment in their trade body is an incredible feeling.

A welcome reception for beer: WTO Global Review of Aid for Trade


I had the honour of saying a few welcoming remarks at a beer recept...

The Worldwide Brewing Alliance meets in Geneva for health strategy discussions


With the World Health Assembly just a week away, the Worldwide Brewing Alliance (WBA) , which I currently chair, held a productive beer reception in Geneva on Monday evening. The event was a final opportunity to discuss the WHO Noncommunicable Diseases (NCD) Global Action Plan which is due to be ratified at the forthcoming Assembly. It was also an opportunity to showcase the actions being taken by brewers across the world to tackle the harmful use of alcohol.