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Battling for brewers, promoting publicans


Our Budget 2014 campaign has, in effect, been in motion since 21st March 2013 – after an evening of celebrating our success in securing an historic beer duty cut in the Budget. Far from resting on our laurels after last year’s success, we have been working hard, and will continue to do so in the weeks ahead, to present the case for a freeze in beer duty.

£27million to play for – write to your MP to secure Better Rates for Pubs


With Christmas fast approaching, pubs are well into the planning, development and even delivery of a range of activities designed to take advantage of this short period of economic merriment. The challenge of getting the right amount of beer, wine, turkey, desserts; procuring the obligatory truckload of brussel sprouts; taking bookings; considering entertainment and managing staff rotas is a tough one - landlords are bound to be pressed for time over the next few weeks. However there’s something that publicans, alongside the brewers and pub companies who back them, should spend ten minutes doing - both for your own business and pubs across the country – write to your local MP about extending Small Business Rate Relief (SBRR).

Brighton hosts the return of populist politics


This year’s Labour conference has been described as a move from ‘pamphlet Labour’ to ‘leaflet Labour’. The party has made a shift towards providing tangible policy content in the form of readymade statements - easily printed up and thrust through a letter box.

Night at the museum – experiments in the science of brewing


Brewing science, I must admit, has not always been at the top of the list of themes for a ‘good night out’ – beer has its discursive moments, certainly, but discussion of the detailed science has been known to, on occasion, bring on a brief spell of narcolepsy.

Beer – can you hear the music?


With Robinson’s new Trooper by Iron Maiden now selling out across the world, joining Elbow’s Build a Rocket Boys in their stable of brewing bands, the increasing interest in brewing and beer from the creative community only continues to grow. The recent production by the Growler Brewery of Gladness by Madness is yet another example of this creative partnership between artist and artisan.

‘... and the Lord Mayor said: Let There Be Beer’


Whilst being located in the City of London gives the BBPA team a fa...

The awards season is upon us...


After a hugely successful 2012 launch, this year’s BBPA Industry Awards are just around the corner! The BBPA is very keen to reward member companies who seek to celebrate and champion our industry.

The historical burdens of regulation – we can lighten the load


Beer’s first clear mention in regulatory history was in, none other than, the Magna Carta, when, in 1215, standard measures were first introduced. Pubs got their first mention in 1285’s Statuta Civitatis London, which restricted opening hours.