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The end of Boozy Britain?


I recently had the opportunity to speak at a debate as part of the ...

World Environment Day


Brewers played an active part in this year’s World Environment Day ...

Leading the way on promoting responsible retailing


We frequently see stories in the news decrying the scandal of ‘Bing...

When being responsible is win-win


Acting responsibly is good for business - this was a theme that came through strongly at Heineken's 'Brewing a Better Future' conference last month.

'Don't score an own goal this World Cup by drink driving’ – THINK campaign launches new campaign for the World Cup


With World Cup 2014 now officially underway, the pub industry will be hoping that a great many people will choose to leave the confines of their living rooms and experience the highs, lows, tears and celebration of watching football down their local.

Local action leading the way


The recent announcement by the Government of 20 Local Alcohol Action Areas to pilot solutions to tackle alcohol related harm have been met with general support from the industry but at a least some uncertainty of what the role of businesses should be.

Is ‘Dry January’ the way forward?


Going on the wagon post-Christmas is hardly is a new idea and for many seems like the best option after holiday indulgence.

Drunken Nights Out - a new approach


Drinkaware held a brainstorming session this week on ‘Drunken Nights Out’ which brought together representatives from the Home Office, the police, the drinks industry, retailers, media and the creative industries to discuss the issues and generate new ideas to reduce harm resulting from binge drinking and public drunkenness in the night time economy.

Localism rising


‘Localism’ has been a Government buzzword since the last election, with the principle enshrined in law through the Localism Act 2011. However, it has arguably only been in the last year or so that local authorities have got up to speed and have begun to embrace the range of powers at their disposal.

The real role of beer sponsorship


This week we have been inundated with news stories based on research from Newcastle University that claims that football fans see around two references to alcoholic drinks per minute when watching televised football.

Drinkaware workshop builds on evidence


Following the appointment of new Drinkaware CEO Elaine Hindal in Ja...

Food waste – money down the drain


Waste isn’t a sexy subject. In fact, sometimes, trying to engage pub operators in talking about waste is a bit like me trying to drum up some interest in a discussion about the complex rules of cricket.

Efficiency and environmental impact – what can members learn from Coca Cola


The brewing industry has made significant progress in tackling energy efficiency, water use and waste levels more generally. However, learning from other industries is a great way to gain ideas and inspiration. Eager to learn more, the BBPA Environment Panel, comprising environment and engineering specialists, held its latest meeting on-site at the Coca Cola Plant in Wakefield.

Unit Awareness – it’s all about choice


Some licensees, already under pressure to keep their business afloat in a challenging economic climate, may see the Customer Unit Awareness posters(and the other downloadable materials), recently circulated by Sky Sports, as pointless. They might even be tempted to chuck them in the bin.