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Everything from December 2013


2013 - a turning point for the industry


*As featured in On-trade Review* I hope we look back on 2013 as ...

Seven beers for seven breakfasts


Dea Latis, the women and beer group held its second Beers with Breakfast event last week in a seven-beer hair-of-the-dog morning session at the Somers Town Coffee House in London.

Beer Serves Europe IV


For the fourth year running, the Brewers of Europe(BoE) hosted 'Beer Serves Europe' in Brussels. This year the theme was economy and beer. It marked the launch of the EY report 'The Contribution made by Beer to the European Economy' and also a positive piece of research from the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) 'The European Beer Industry; incentivising the growth potential'. Following speeches from the President of the Brewers of Europe and the EESC, I was invited to sit on the panel for an hour's discussion.

An Autumnal boost for Britain's pubs


Yesterday saw the Chancellor's Autumn Statement, though the weather...