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Everything from July 2013


Drinkaware workshop builds on evidence


Following the appointment of new Drinkaware CEO Elaine Hindal in Ja...

Beer – can you hear the music?


With Robinson’s new Trooper by Iron Maiden now selling out across the world, joining Elbow’s Build a Rocket Boys in their stable of brewing bands, the increasing interest in brewing and beer from the creative community only continues to grow. The recent production by the Growler Brewery of Gladness by Madness is yet another example of this creative partnership between artist and artisan.

The three certainties of life – death, taxes and more changes to the Licensing Act….


Coverage of last week’s Government response to the Alcohol Strategy...

Theft from the Person


I sit on the Forum for Innovation in Crime Prevention which is chaired by Jeremy Browne MP, the Minister for Crime Prevention. Our meetings have focused on the issue of ‘Theft from the Person’, otherwise known as pick-pocketing (it is only classed as robbery if force is involved).

Summer’s here – let the (new improved) Beer Genie guide you...


It’s hot. The weather’s fantastic. People are kicking into holiday mode and they’re thinking about beer. A beer at a BBQ, a beer with your picnic, a beer on the beach, or a beer in the beer garden – they’re all pretty high on the agenda as soon as the thermometer nudges 30C. In fact, walking through the City this lunchtime and peering through the windows, it was clear that most of London’s office workers would give their eye teeth to up sticks and grab a beer somewhere sunny.

Overseas opportunities ahead for brewers


Yesterday saw the launch of the latest stage of the UK Government’s attempts to boost UK exports - the [‘GREAT weeks’] ( programme.

Sky pricing


I was invited to meet with BSkyB on Friday to discuss their pricing for the forthcoming year which was announced today. Here is a little colour to add to their press release.

A welcome reception for beer: WTO Global Review of Aid for Trade


I had the honour of saying a few welcoming remarks at a beer recept...

Licensed Trade Charity - Inspiring hope


The Licensed Trade Charity supports people who work in both brewing...

‘... and the Lord Mayor said: Let There Be Beer’


Whilst being located in the City of London gives the BBPA team a fa...

Responsibility: military ID and this week's Home Office discussion


In 2011 for the first time, the Government announced that armed for...