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Reform of energy efficiency taxation for pubs and breweries - what the 2016 Budget told us


The 2016 Budget contained a vast range of measures that will affect...

Britain's beer duty compared with EU Member States


You may have seen a story in the Sun on Sunday, published last week...

National Pubwatch conference 2016 – Saving lives in the night-time economy


As the majority of those in the trade will already know, pubwatches...

Tackling the business rates burden on pubs


The BBPA believes the current business rates regime is profoundly unfair to pubs and will continue to fight for a better deal.

Catching up with KingstonFirst business improvement district


KingstonFirst (in Kingston upon Thames), was the first Business Imp...

Budget 2016 - the pub under pressure


As we move towards the Budget on 16th March, the BBPA team is very ...

Street Pastors


In a quiet country pub just after it opened at 11am on a Friday (Ha...

Do beer duty cuts really help pubs?


With our campaign for another cut in beer duty now in full swing, i...

Parliamentary Pub Chef of the Year Competition 2016


When the BBPA first approached Andrew Griffiths MP and the Parliame...

Great food calls for great chefs – let’s get our MPs involved


BBPA has launched the Pub Chef Awards and we want you to get involved!

British Institute of Innkeeping AGM


Since the BII were holding their AGM in a nearby Livery Hall yester...

Policy implications of the General Election


Perhaps unsurprisingly, my first thought about the election result ...

Leading the way on promoting responsible retailing


We frequently see stories in the news decrying the scandal of ‘Bing...

Report from the Drinkaware Roadshow


Brigid Simmonds and Daisy Blench attended the new Drinkaware London Roadshow and the opening of the organisation’s new offices.

Recruiting the next generation of pub chefs


As part of the BBPA’s commitment to helping our members improve the...

10 traditional pub games we know and love (and some you’ve never heard of too!)


The modern pub might sport a pool table or two, or if you’re lucky perhaps even a crumbling dartboard, but back in the day the pub was very much a place to play.

New infographics on responsible retailing


At the BBPA, we are often contacted on stories relating to the harm caused by alcohol, and we often find ourselves filling in gaps in knowledge, to present the whole picture.

When being responsible is win-win


Acting responsibly is good for business - this was a theme that came through strongly at Heineken's 'Brewing a Better Future' conference last month.

Acas Breakfast Briefing - Zero Hours Contracts


The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill, which deals wit...

Business Improvement Districts for town centres and tourism


Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) have existed in the UK since ...

'Don't score an own goal this World Cup by drink driving’ – THINK campaign launches new campaign for the World Cup


With World Cup 2014 now officially underway, the pub industry will be hoping that a great many people will choose to leave the confines of their living rooms and experience the highs, lows, tears and celebration of watching football down their local.

Home Office guest blog - Campaign to tackle domestic violence


A new campaign to highlight the devastating consequences of domestic violence to men during this year’s football World Cup tournament was launched yesterday, on 9 June, and activity will run until 14 July 2014.

Raising the standards of pub retailing


Training, qualifications and professional standards are all key to the reputation and standing of the British beer and pub industry and all were illuminated at the BII Annual Lunch and the SAB Miller Scholars Programme which held its Graduation ceremony this week.

Where's my £1000 discount? That's the question a lot of licensees have found themselves asking recently


The Autumn Statement last December announced [a £1,000 discount for...

Three Red Lions on a Shirt – pubs celebrate World Cup boost


The trade was celebrating this week, as the Government announced the results of the [recent consultation] ( into extending licensing hours for England’s World Cup matches.

Pub chefs of the future


I was privileged to attend the finals of the Nestle Toque d'Or competition for young chefs and front of house staff from colleges around the UK.

Local action leading the way


The recent announcement by the Government of 20 Local Alcohol Action Areas to pilot solutions to tackle alcohol related harm have been met with general support from the industry but at a least some uncertainty of what the role of businesses should be.

National Pubwatch conference – partnership in action


The 11th National Pubwatch conference was held this week at the Palace Hotel, Manchester. Well attended by licensees, police, local authorities and others with an interest in the trade, the title of the conference was ‘protect and promote your Pubwatch through partnership working’ and a variety of speakers expounded on this theme.

Recovering from the personal effects of Flooding


Since the severe weather hit the UK at the turn of 2014 we responded quickly by putting together a useful factsheet that provides practical, step-by-step guidance on what to do if your pub has been affected by floodwater. We have also contacted relevant trade press to raise awareness of how the Support and Care team at the Licensed Trade Charity are here to help. To-date we have received several calls from people in need of help from across the South of England, including Cornwall, Southampton and as far down as Kent.

Battling for brewers, promoting publicans


Our Budget 2014 campaign has, in effect, been in motion since 21st March 2013 – after an evening of celebrating our success in securing an historic beer duty cut in the Budget. Far from resting on our laurels after last year’s success, we have been working hard, and will continue to do so in the weeks ahead, to present the case for a freeze in beer duty.

Pub Companies and the Opposition Debate


Once again the BBPA and our pub company members are in the firing line as the Labour Party holds an opposition debate on pub companies and their relationship with their lessees and tenants.

Eye on the prize – machine boost for pubs


This week’s increase in fruit machine prizes to £100 is another welcome move from Government to assist the pub sector. The BBPA has been pushing for an increase in prizes for Category C (also known as AWPs or fruit) machines and the reinstatement of the Triennial Review, whereby prizes are reviewed every three years.

Challenges ahead for Licensed Trade Charity


Getting our message and free 0808 801 0550 helpline number in front of all the hard-working people in the pubs and breweries, to let them know we are here for them when they face difficulties is a critical part of my job. So it’s great to hear that there is now something of a ‘buzz’ around the industry about the good work the Licensed Trade Charity is doing.

The Christie + Co Business outlook for Pubs, Restaurants and Leisure


Christie + Co held their annual Business Outlook event last night to launch their 2014 review. Frances Edmonds hosted a question and answer session with David Rugg, their Chairman, and Chris Day, the Managing Director.

The cleanup begins – responding to flood damage


Thankfully the extreme wet weather and high winds that have battered the UK since Christmas Eve now appear to be subsiding and in the wake of flooding, thoughts now turn to the clean-up ahead. Many of us face the mammoth, and in some cases heart-breaking, task of repairing the damage caused to flood damaged homes but businesses have also suffered and here there may be particular challenges to face. Pubs are one such example and in the attempt to address damage caused by flooded cellars the following pointers may help in the clean-up process.

An Autumnal boost for Britain's pubs


Yesterday saw the Chancellor's Autumn Statement, though the weather...

Experience the benefits of Pubwatch


Next year’s National Pubwatch Conference ‘Protect and promote your Pubwatch through partnership working’ will be held at the Palace Hotel, Oxford Street, Manchester, on the 18th February next year.

Winter’s coming... don't slip up!


The prospect of attempting an accurate weather forecast at this time of year makes me feel about as grim as the weather itself! The most reliable technique seems to be just looking out of the window…

Drunken Nights Out - a new approach


Drinkaware held a brainstorming session this week on ‘Drunken Nights Out’ which brought together representatives from the Home Office, the police, the drinks industry, retailers, media and the creative industries to discuss the issues and generate new ideas to reduce harm resulting from binge drinking and public drunkenness in the night time economy.

Could your pub benefit from a Music Makeover?


For the past few years, the BBPA has been supporting PRS for Music in their excellent Music Makeover Competition. And we are proud to do so. In Britain, pubs are where live music begins, with many of our most famous acts starting out in their local pub.

£27million to play for – write to your MP to secure Better Rates for Pubs


With Christmas fast approaching, pubs are well into the planning, development and even delivery of a range of activities designed to take advantage of this short period of economic merriment. The challenge of getting the right amount of beer, wine, turkey, desserts; procuring the obligatory truckload of brussel sprouts; taking bookings; considering entertainment and managing staff rotas is a tough one - landlords are bound to be pressed for time over the next few weeks. However there’s something that publicans, alongside the brewers and pub companies who back them, should spend ten minutes doing - both for your own business and pubs across the country – write to your local MP about extending Small Business Rate Relief (SBRR).

Irish Eyes are Smiling!


BBPA has always worked closely with the licensed victuallers in England, Scotland, and Ireland, but we have most recently looked at strengthening our ties with Pubs of Ulster, whose reach extends to cover most of hospitality, but with a strong emphasis on responsible retailing and working as we do, closely with Government.

Personal Licence – to kill? PLH reform and upcoming fee increases…


At a recent meeting of the National Licensing Forum here at Brewers’ Hall, the Home Office gave a very useful update on the upcoming changes to licensing.

Keg Watch Security Team Keep Busy


The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013, is now law and whilst a ban on cash payments has been in effect since October, the wider Act will be enforced from 1st December this year. This long awaited piece of legislation will enhance the increasingly effective working relationships that Keg Watch has developed with both the Police and other Law Enforcement Agencies.

Localism rising


‘Localism’ has been a Government buzzword since the last election, with the principle enshrined in law through the Localism Act 2011. However, it has arguably only been in the last year or so that local authorities have got up to speed and have begun to embrace the range of powers at their disposal.

De mystifying local regulation…


In an earlier blog I spoke about how industry engagement in initiatives to ease the burden of red tape and regulation was starting to have an impact on the legislative and compliance environment. Now it seems that local authorities – certainly in many parts of the Midlands – are taking up the challenge by helping industry access their services much more quickly and efficiently.

Inconsistent enforcement – the Primary Authority solution


Bad enforcement by police, the licensing authority, fire officers and EHOs can be the bane of a pub operator’s life. Whether this is turning up to check paperwork at 9pm on a Saturday night, or over-zealous officers making licensees jump through multiple hoops with no evidence that there is even a problem at the premises, makes an already challenging job that little bit more difficult.

What are Labour's plans on business rates? And what will it mean for pubs?


The big policy announcement ahead of Ed Miliband's keynote speech on Tuesday was a 'cut' in business rates for small businesses in 2015, if Labour were to be elected.

Pioneering new sources of expert advice


In an earlier blog I spoke about how industry engagement in initiatives to ease the burden of red tape and regulation was starting to have an impact on the legislative and compliance environment.

National Pubwatch website - a key tool for licensees


Pubwatches are the original partnership schemes specifically aimed at pub licensees – low cost, easy to set up and controlled by licensees and managers themselves.

Jamie Oliver’s challenge – food for thought


Jamie Oliver has ignited a lively ‘silly season’ debate with his comments about lower income families who are more willing to spend money on the largest possible television than they are on better quality food for their families.

Red tape – the power of local solutions


Over the years the industry has been inundated with major pieces of legislation affecting both pubs and alcohol. Add in regulation on food standards, planning, smoking, environmental issues and responsibility and you have a minefield of compliance challenges. In fact every time a licensee opens the doors of his pub he can be facing up to 1,000 legislative issues at one time (I haven’t checked this personally so you’ll have to take my word for it). Given this figure, it is little wonder that the industry wants to see less red tape and an easing of the regulatory burden that is strangling it. One way of doing that is to engage in programmes aimed at reducing the burden and bringing about a more common-sense approach to red tape and regulation.

Pubs are GREAT reaches the world (’s end)…


For many tourists, whiling away some time in a pub with a pint is a holiday-must-do when visiting the British Isles. And, whether visitors are walking in the magnificent Peak District, marveling at the grandeur of Chatsworth House or taking in the wonders of the Tate, there is always a GREAT British pub to visit just around the corner.

Great glassware is vital to creating the right impression


Diversity is an embedded principle when it comes to beer and, as a result, beer styles really do come in all shapes and sizes. Differences in alcohol strength; various combinations of ingredients and different degrees of carbonation are some of the variables that need to be accounted for when choosing the perfect glass. Glassware that is designed to enhance the main characteristics associated with aroma and flavour across these vastly different styles, and maintain head, can be a real plus!

The three certainties of life – death, taxes and more changes to the Licensing Act….


Coverage of last week’s Government response to the Alcohol Strategy...

Theft from the Person


I sit on the Forum for Innovation in Crime Prevention which is chaired by Jeremy Browne MP, the Minister for Crime Prevention. Our meetings have focused on the issue of ‘Theft from the Person’, otherwise known as pick-pocketing (it is only classed as robbery if force is involved).

Sky pricing


I was invited to meet with BSkyB on Friday to discuss their pricing for the forthcoming year which was announced today. Here is a little colour to add to their press release.

Licensed Trade Charity - Inspiring hope


The Licensed Trade Charity supports people who work in both brewing...

New research clearly shows the many benefits of pubwatch


As the effective alternative to levies and EMROs, the BBPA supports a number of partnership initiatives. One of the most popular schemes in the pub sector is a local pubwatch – a voluntary group set up by licensees working together to promote a safe drinking environment, in partnership with the police and licensing authority.

Food waste – money down the drain


Waste isn’t a sexy subject. In fact, sometimes, trying to engage pub operators in talking about waste is a bit like me trying to drum up some interest in a discussion about the complex rules of cricket.

Visit to Fullers by the All Party Parliamentary Beer Group and Save the Pub Group


The All Party Parliamentary Beer Group (chaired by Andrew Griffiths MP) and the All Party Parliamentary Save the Pub Group (chaired by Greg Mulholland MP) visited Fullers brewery in Chiswick last week. Some sixteen MPs and two members of the House of Lords were there too, for what you might expect was a fascinating brewery tour and some very generous hospitality. The group comprised MPs, including the Shadow Business Minister, Toby Perkins; and Gavin Williamson who introduced the late night debate on the beer duty escalator.

Brigid Simmonds appears at BIS Select Committee: Pub companies – a note


I gave evidence to the BIS Select Committee yesterday and although you can watch the session online, here, I thought the below note covering my responses would be useful for members to have to hand.

EMROs vs. Partnership – there should only be one winner


Last week’s decision by Hartlepool Borough Council’s licensing comm...

The historical burdens of regulation – we can lighten the load


Beer’s first clear mention in regulatory history was in, none other than, the Magna Carta, when, in 1215, standard measures were first introduced. Pubs got their first mention in 1285’s Statuta Civitatis London, which restricted opening hours.

Unit Awareness – it’s all about choice


Some licensees, already under pressure to keep their business afloat in a challenging economic climate, may see the Customer Unit Awareness posters(and the other downloadable materials), recently circulated by Sky Sports, as pointless. They might even be tempted to chuck them in the bin.

Visit Britain's new tourism strategy


Visit Britain, which promotes inbound tourism to the UK, launched a new strategy this week, which I was really pleased to attend.

The need for sustainable business rates


Business rates are a major cost burden to pubs in the UK and although the Government has recognised this pressure, there is more that could be done.