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Tourism and Growth


Whilst many will talk about the economic importance of the car manufacturing industry, worth over £21billion a year to British exports, it pales in comparison to the vital importance of tourism to the UK economy, as clearly presented in a new report by VisitBritain.

Suffolk Bound


Last Friday the BBPA team travelled up to Adnams Southwold for a brewery visit. These visits give us the opportunity to learn more about our member companies, the issues that really affect them and how their businesses are facing the challenges ahead.

Brewers get crafty


The number of breweries in the UK has more than doubled over the last decade, with hundreds on display at last week’s Great British Beer Festival. Adventurous drinkers have fallen in love with new styles such as American pale ales and more classic brews including stouts and IPAs have been given a new lease of life. Regional breweries, from Adnams to Wadworth’s, have recently invested in microbreweries or pilot plants to create the flexibility needed to produce smaller batches and develop new recipes for a smaller market than catered for by their flagship brands.

BBPA statistics - testing the temperature of the UK beer market


In an increasingly challenging market, both commercially and politically, the need for accurate, reliable data and statistics is essential to success. As demonstrated by its wide use in The Sun’s ‘Axe the Beer Tax’ campaign, data from the BBPA and its members can persuasively make the case for economic policy and political action.