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Drinking Guidelines and Low Alcohol Beers


The festive season is fast approaching once again and as ever, hard...

Freight - a vital part of London’s future


The 11th TfL Freight forum presented an opportunity for stakeholders within the freight industries to hear some possible future plans for freight in London.

Heritage ingredients and Novel Foods


When is an ingredient not an ingredient…when it’s a novel food, o...

Following the facts


I don’t know if you would have noticed it but there was an excellent article published in The Sun at the end of March; ‘Will your loaf leave you brown bread?’ The article itself delivered a fascinating insight into the consumption of wholemeal bread as a cause of dementia, breast cancer, headaches, stroke, diabetes, bloating, kidney cancer and loss in libido!

Media reports regarding beer's sugar content


There has been considerable focus on the sugar content of food and drink in the national media of late, and in particular some misleading reports have been published, claiming to highlight the ‘hidden’ sugars within alcoholic beverages, including beer. Much of this focus appears to be on the apparent addition of sugar to beer by brewers and, in the case of one report challenged by the BBPA in February, the ridiculous suggestion that a pint of ale contains nine teaspoons or 45g of sugar!

WBA Reception


Brewers throughout the world take a very serious approach to social responsibility and in particular in their continuing efforts to reduce the harmful use of alcohol. Debate surrounding the effects of alcohol consumption rages continuously. However, despite a growing weight of scientific evidence suggesting that the moderate consumption of alcohol does indeed carry significant, net benefit in terms of reducing overall mortality risk, the latest WHO report on cancer risk ignores this research, claiming that all alcohol consumption is harmful.

The cleanup begins – responding to flood damage


Thankfully the extreme wet weather and high winds that have battered the UK since Christmas Eve now appear to be subsiding and in the wake of flooding, thoughts now turn to the clean-up ahead. Many of us face the mammoth, and in some cases heart-breaking, task of repairing the damage caused to flood damaged homes but businesses have also suffered and here there may be particular challenges to face. Pubs are one such example and in the attempt to address damage caused by flooded cellars the following pointers may help in the clean-up process.

Winter’s coming... don't slip up!


The prospect of attempting an accurate weather forecast at this time of year makes me feel about as grim as the weather itself! The most reliable technique seems to be just looking out of the window…

Kent Green Hop Beer


The brewing industry is built on innovation. Refrigeration, measurement of temperatures and specific gravity, development of pale malt, not to mention the knowledge of microbiology that keeps our beer fresh and has enabled control of the fermentation process itself. These innovations are on the one hand individual landmark scientific events and on the other are inextricably linked to the history and development of today's multinational brewers.

Are hops the new grapes?


Wednesday felt more like a sunny September morning on a Californian vineyard, as 400 invitees from across the brewing industry found themselves in the beautiful surroundings of Stocks Farm in Worcestershire for the 2013 Charles Farm hop harvest open day.

Food matching for the ale and hearty…


There is more and more interest in matching great beer with great food. For anyone new to making recommendations, getting started is fairly straightforward, and is generally easier than for wine.

Great glassware is vital to creating the right impression


Diversity is an embedded principle when it comes to beer and, as a result, beer styles really do come in all shapes and sizes. Differences in alcohol strength; various combinations of ingredients and different degrees of carbonation are some of the variables that need to be accounted for when choosing the perfect glass. Glassware that is designed to enhance the main characteristics associated with aroma and flavour across these vastly different styles, and maintain head, can be a real plus!

The science of beer - BBPA at EBC 2013


Following the success of EBC 2011 in Glasgow, BBPA staff were once again present at Europe's premier, bi-annual brewing science showcase; The Congress of the European Brewing Convention. The 34th EBC Congress this week was hosted in the historical city of Luxembourg at the Lux Congrès Centre.

The Journal of the Institute of Brewing (JIB) Goes Online


A large scale project undertaken jointly by the Institute of Brewing and Distilling and Wiley Publishing, came to fruition this week. After many months of work The JIB, the leading scientific journal for brewing, distilling and malting science is now available to view online.