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Sky pricing

On 15/07/13 by Brigid Simmonds (Chief Executive)

I was invited to meet with BSkyB on Friday to discuss their pricing for the forthcoming year which was announced today. Here is a little colour to add to their press release.

Sky has announced a price freeze, which means that prices have not risen since September 2010. The current cost of Sky will run until June 2014.

Sky is investing in new features and tools and now have Wifi in some 11,000 licensed outlets.

With renewals this year come some additional offers. The first is a free third card for all who have ultimate Sky. This should be welcomed by bigger venues, wanting to show different sports on different screens, in different part of the premises.

There is also a companion app for Sky Sports Venues. This is specifically aimed at increasing dwell time. Competitions and quiz questions will be included.

BSkyB are also launching online training designed with CPL. This will help licensees make the most of the use of sport in their pubs. The training is free. It will not be available immediately, but should be a couple of months after the beginning of the football season.

Sky was keen to say that it will not be passing on any of the costs of their investment to customers. The current discounts for premises with food, for example, will remain. They continue their partnership with Molson Coors and other BBPA members.

The fixture list, released last week covers premier league fixtures on Saturdays at 5.30 and on Sundays at 1.30 and 4pm. They will continue with the Champions League. A new show ‘Saturday Night Football’ will begin in August at 5.30 on a Saturday evening.

I had an interesting tour of the Sky studios – looking at the sets of Cricket AM, Sky News and Sports News. On the way round we met the athlete, Darren Campbell, who leads on many of their programmes aimed at encouraging children to be more active. It was certainly a very live site!


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