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The awards season is upon us...

On 06/06/13 by Gareth Barrett

After a hugely successful 2012 launch, this year’s BBPA Industry Awards are just around the corner! The BBPA is very keen to reward member companies who seek to celebrate and champion our industry.

The awards categories:

The Beer Champion, Pub Champion and Heart of the Community awards all aim to reward a positive company ethos and excellence in innovation– those members who in their every action look to improve, support and build not only their own interests – but the sector as a whole.

The achievements of last year’s worthy winners serve to remind other members of the opportunities available to them to recognise their own successes.

The Beer Champion 2013 award looks to highlight companies which have successfully sought to promote, improve and celebrate beer as a category. Whether by pioneering a new method of dispense or creating an innovative product design, or crafting a memorable advertising or marketing campaign – we really are looking for that special something setting you apart from the rest of the pack in 2013. The Liberation Group were the inaugural winners – with an entry that showed a real dedication to beer. They encouraged Ale Trails, informed customers on the science of brewing, whilst also promoting its natural basis, they seek to educate on variety, style and more. Their beers offer real diversity in terms of styles, presentation and innovation.

Britain’s pubs are one of the nation’s greatest assets, and the Pub Champion 2013 (sponsored by BT) award seeks to reward companies that have worked to make sure they remain a national treasure for future generations. Last year’s winner, Daniel Thwaites, sought to set the standard in tenant support and business partnership, proving to be a company that sets high expectations and met them. Their success came about through the innovation behind their WayInn initiative, their high quality PubTalk magazine, their motivational company competitions, the commitment to investing in challenging pubs through Project 11 and the efforts in menu development.

The final company award looks for members that, through their own corporate initiatives or leading-edge partnerships, have demonstrated a proven commitment to their local community. This award the Heart of the Community Award, looks for that broad ethos and commitment and will seek information on the actual impacts made. The first winner, Joseph Holt, has for the long term committed itself to making a difference. They differentiated themselves in that everyone from the brewery to the boardroom, cellar man to chairman, engages and seeks to make a difference. They illustrated a proven commitment to their local community, with long standing partnerships to both the Christie Hospital and homes for those on low incomes.

The question is now – can your company do better? Every day the team at the BBPA see excellent examples from our members – now it’s your opportunity to be rewarded for those efforts.

To find out more about the Awards and information on how to enter please click here or email


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