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There's a Beer For That

On 03/11/14 by Brigid Simmonds (Chief Executive)

Last year, five major brewers (AB Inbev, Carlsberg, Heineken, Molson Coors and Miller Brands) united to fund and launch a campaign to grow the British beer category and remind those who might have moved away from beer, or never tried it, of the vast array of tastes, flavours and styles of our national drink.

Last week, ‘Let There Be Beer’ evolved into ‘There’s a Beer for That’ with the launch of a major new advertising campaign, website and social media programme and I was fortunate enough to be at the launch.

Most of you will have met David Cunningham, the Program Director of the campaign, who is based in our offices, along with Louise Doherty, Social and Digital Manager. At the launch David explained that this is a £10 million investment for 2014 and 2015. Motivating and easy to understand, the campaign looks at quality, diversity and versatility, recognising that whoever you are, whatever the occasion, there’s a beer for you. What food are you eating? There’s a perfect beer to match this too.

The advertisement has been directed by the internationally renowned film director Michael Winterbottom who chose this to be the first advertisement he would film. The Director is best known for his work on Twelve Years a Slave and the opening ceremony for London 2012. A stellar team who have produced a magnificent advertisement, there were 250 in the cast of which 43 were principles. If you have not seen the advertisement – the link can be found here.

Launching in November will be #BeerMatch, a twitter service which will allow instant advice on beer and food matching to anyone tweeting a dish to @BeerForThat The recommendation for a beer pairing is being provided by some of the UK's most respected beer writers and sommeliers, including the BBPA's Steve Livens, who matched the beer and food at the launch event. Later in November will see the launch of Beer Club, which is rather like a book club for beer where anyone can join in on a guided online discussion about popular beer styles, every Wednesday evening at 7pm.

When you see the advertisement, you will note that it ends with the announcement that the campaign is backed by 'Britain's Beer Alliance', which is something for us all to support. There is no cost, but we want as many brewers and pub companies as we can to support and add their logo to the campaign. So do join in - make contact with David Cunningham or Louise Doherty and be part of this national celebration of Great British beer.


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