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World Environment Day

On 23/06/15 by Daisy Blench (Policy Manager - Responsibility)

Brewers played an active part in this year’s World Environment Day which was held on 5th June. The event, run by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), raises awareness of our most pressing environmental challenges. It aims to promote positive environmental action globally, and companies and individuals around the world pledged to carry out activities to promote responsible management of the planet’s resources and ensure their activities minimise environmental impact.

BBPA member companies hosted a range of activities to mark the day and demonstrate their commitment to improve their environmental footprint. These ranged from ‘switch-offs’ and litter clean-ups, to conservation and wildlife protection work.

AB InBev held a number of events such as in Wales, where over 30 brewery staff helped clear litter from beaches near their Magor brewery, and in Brighton, where volunteers helped to build a new path at a nature reserve near their Samlesbury brewery in Lancashire. Adnams, who have made their beach cleans a regular local event, held their June clean-up to mark World Environment Day, offering those who took part a free pint to say thanks.

The sector has shown great enthusiasm for World Environment Day, and has shown its enthusiasm by using the day as an opportunity to engage staff and promote its commitment to sustainability to the wider public. But the brewing industry’s environmental commitment runs much deeper than just one day, and many companies have made environmental awareness a core part of their operations and ethos.

The industry has now cut carbon emissions by 68.5 per cent since 1990, and at the same time, has improved energy efficiency by 37.2 per cent. Brewing Green, our annual report on beer and pub sustainability, highlights the industry’s progress and showcases some of the achievements or companies in the quest to be as efficient and environmentally sustainable as possible.

This year’s edition includes AB InBev’s work to reduce global water usage to just 3.2 hectolitres per hectolitre of beer, Heineken’s project to cover their Tadcaster brewery in solar panels (which, combined with the biogas they produce, produces 8 per cent of their electricity), Robinson’s work to reduce the packaging of their award winning Old Tom beer, and Carlsberg’s progress towards zero waste.

At Heineken’s recent stakeholder event to discuss their CSR activity, the environmental challenges that the industry faces were a major topic of discussion. With a prediction that there will be a world population of 9 billion by 2040, it is important for companies to work hard to reduce their impact on the planet and ensure that we are able to carry on producing fantastic beer, as well as feeding a growing global population.

Brewers take this challenge extremely seriously and judging by progress to date are leading the way in being greener than ever.


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