Social Media Material

Using the links below you can download a variety of shareable assets for Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms to help us drive traffic to the website. When sharing images or messaging on social media please use the hashtag #cutbeertax as much as possible! If you have any problems using these links please email Josh Green.

  • Cutbeertax Twitter images

Click here to download images sized for sharing on Twitter. Included here are simple #cutbeertax banners, as well as images showing comparable duty rates in the other major European brewing nations, images which show that 82% of the beer consumed in the UK is brewed in the UK and images showing the increasing duty rate in recent years.

  • Cutbeertax Facebook images

Click here to download similar images to those above but optimised for sharing on Facebook.

  • Cutbeertax GIFs

Click here to download a suite of GIFs, or short animations, for sharing on social media platforms. Once you have downloaded the zip file these can simply be dragged and dropped into the Giphy website which will generate a link for you to share on social media. The messages included in these downloadable GIFs include: seven in ten drinks sold in pubs are beer, 34p in every pound spent in pubs goes to the taxman, the number of jobs in brewing and pubs in the UK, UK beer exports, comparative tax rates in other EU brewing nations and the amount of beer consumed by UK drinkers vs the amount of tax UK drinkers pay in the EU. There are also a variety of simple #cutbeertax banners and sharable images.

  • Beer and Pub Story images

Click here to download individual images from our Beer and Pub Story infographic booklet.