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Beer has received a bit of a bad rep. in recent years. Phrases such as “lager lout” and “beer belly” have become part of the British vocabulary, while women have shied away from choosing to drink beer for fear of being labelled as “pint swilling ladettes.”

This should not be the case. Beer should be revered not scorned! Its versatility is endless. There are more than 60 different beer styles to choose from – so whether it be fun and fruity, full and wheaty, or dark and malty there really is something for everyone!

One of the wonders of beer is that it goes so well with food. Beer is the perfect accompaniment to curry, cheese, chocolate, pies, sausages, seafood... I could go on, but I’m getting hungry. It’s a party on your palate! Better still, beer works for every occasion... a quiet Sunday night in the pub, a summer BBQ in the garden, or hey, why not served in a flute at your wedding – beer works every time!

The best thing about beer though, is that it can surprise you... Believe it or not, beer is NOT responsible for the beer belly - as a guide, a half pint of 4% lager contains 94 calories, while a medium sized glass of white wine (175ml) contains 131 calories – making it the lighter option in fact!

The Team at BeerGenie are here to attempt to dispel the myths, highlight the beer positives, and remind the world that for centuries beer has been bringing people together.

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