Companies across the brewing industry continue to strive towards achieving the goal of brewing great beer with minimal impact on the planet.

The sector continues to invest in innovation and efficiency and it is paying off, with continued improvements in water efficiency, reductions in energy use and more companies moving towards zero waste.

Alongside investments on-site, brewers are working more closely than ever with supply chain partners, leading to benefits for all and ensuring that great British beer, on its journey from farm to pub and shelves, has the lowest environmental impact possible.


Pub Industry Energy Symposium

The BBPA recently held the inaugural Pub Industry Energy Symposium, providing information and guidance to licensees on how to better conserve energy, comply with regulations and save money. More information on the day can be found here.

Budget 2016

Following the announcement of a consultation into the energy efficiency policy landscape at the Summer Budget in 2015, to which the BBPA responded on behalf of the industry, the 2016 Budget contained a vast range of measures that will affect the day-to-day running of a brewery or a pub. We have produced a summary of the full list of measures, available here. An area that has been mostly overlooked is proposed changes to energy efficiency tax and regulation.

A new blog by BBPA’s David Sheen explains the full story.

Energy is going to be a colossal issue for the UK and this will affect the bottom line of brewers and pubs. The BBPA will continue to lobby to reduce the tax impact on the industry whilst promoting best practice to make the sector more sustainable.


The BBPA have produced a number of factsheets, which can be found below, to help licensees save energy when running their pubs.

An introduction to energy saving in pubs

Energy saving: Accommodation
Energy saving: Catering
Energy saving: Cellar
Energy saving: Heating
Energy saving: Lighting

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BBPA Brewing Green

The BBPA produces the 'Brewing Green' report annually, outlining efforts throughout the sector to drive down energy consumption. The latest report, outlining positive steps taken throughout 2015, was published in December.

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SUSTAIN Drinks Packaging Partnership

Sustain was devised and created in partnership with the BBPA, and is a non-profit organisation. The Drinks Packaging Partnership aims to reduce the cost of packaging compliance, and help member companies reduce both the environmental impact and overall costs of their packaging and packaging waste.

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Courtauld Agreement 2025

The BBPA, alongside 89 others, is a founding signatory of this world-leading voluntary agreement, that brings together organisations across the food system, from producer to consumer, to make food and drink production and consumption more sustainable.

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