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Beer Duty

Grain to Glass

From barley and hops in the field, to the glass of beer in your local pub, the chain of industries behind this unique British product has a major impact on economic and social life in rural Britain.

Oxford Economics: Local Impact of the Beer and Pub Sector 2010/11

A new report commissioned by the BBPA and published by Oxford Economics.

BBPA submission to Treasury alcohol taxation review

The BBPA submitted a report to HM Treasury as part of its review into alcohol taxation. This review made the case for beer and challenged assumptions made about the brewing sector.

The UK Quarterly Beer Barometer

The UK Quarterly Beer Barometer contains the most comprehensive set of data on beer trends in Britain.

Beer Duty Guidelines

The aim of the BBPA beer duty guidelines is to provide consistent advice to brewers and packers about what controls and records are required in order to comply fully with Regulations and HMRC requirements. HMRC Notice 226 sets out the main features of the beer duty system, and specifies official requirements only when they are necessary for revenue protection. In many instances it will be for brewers and packers themselves to determine how to meet their legal obligations.

Brewing green/Our commitment towards a sustainable future for Britain's beer

Brewing Green/Our commitments towards a sustainable future for Britain's beer is a landmark document which both outlines progress made and sets new challenges for Britain's brewers in the future.

Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS)

EMCS is an electronic system that captures and processes AAD information in respect of all EU movements of excise goods in duty suspension.

Local impact of the beer and pub sector

Oxford Economics were commissioned in November 2010 by the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) to estimate the local impact of the beer and pub trade. The local estimates have been provided in an accompanying spreadsheet model. This report and executive summary set out some of the key findings at a national and regional level.

'Proud of beer' video warns of the damage of tax increase

A video championing the 'Proud of Beer' message has warned of the dangers of increasing beer duty at the forthcoming Budget.

BBPA Budget Submission 2011

The BBPA's annual submission to the Treasury in advance of the Budget 2011, can be found here.

Alcohol content - duty payment guidelines

The aim of these guidelines is to provide consistent advice to brew...

Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme

HMRC have published a briefing pack for businesses affected by the Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme.

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