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Salt information leaflet for Caterers

The BBPA & BHA Salt information leaflet for caterers is available to download.

Food Standards Agency Guidance

On 16 January 2008 the Food Standards Agency published guidance on the provision of allergen information for foods sold non prepacked. The guidance is aimed at both caterers and retailers selling foods loose and gives practical advice on how to manage allergy issues and best practice in dealing with allergy requests.

Pubs: Taking Action on Waste

Waste is a key issue for pubs. Food waste represents a cost to the Pub Sector alone of £357 million each year including food procurement, labour, utilities and waste management costs, or £2,100 per tonne.

Alcoholic Ingredients Relief: BBPA briefing note for pubs

Food retailers may be able to reclaim duty paid on alcohol products used in their food.

BBPA Licensee Checklist - Allergens

The information below is designed to inform licensees on the requirement to declare allergens in non-prepacked food (which includes draught beer and other drinks).

Nutritional Guidance for Licensees

Guidance for licensees whose pub businesses include the provision of food to the public.

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