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A Licensee's Guide to Challenging Business Rates

Taxes are, famously, one of the few certainties in life but this doesn't mean they can't be changed!

Business rates are a significant cost to pubs, making up around 10% of costs on average. The rates paid are calculated from the pub's rateable value (RV), which was based on the premises’ ‘Fair Maintainable Trade’, in 2008. However for many pubs circumstances have changed since 2008 and the RV may be too high, costing licensees more than is fair. There are legitimate grounds for challenging your RV and bringing this cost down. Take care though because RVs can be too low as well as too high.

Challenging your RV can be expensive so it is important to ensure you are properly prepared and it is highly advisable to take professional advice before entering into a challenge and if doing so make sure you know the cost you are letting yourself in for.

The attached guidance gives further detail on challenging your RV and also outlines other methods that may be useful in reducing your business rates bill.


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