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BBPA Guidance on Licensed Property Noise Control

Pub companies and licensees strive to maintain high standards and levels of professionalism in order to run entertaining and well-ordered
outlets to enhance enjoyment for all.

Live entertainment is one such enhancement.However, unwanted sound or nuisance noise from licensed premises can cause complaints.

Businesses have a statutory duty to control excess noise and failure to do so can lead to prosecution.

Noise control is an essential part of the business. It is achievable through constructing an environment that controls noise and by increasing staff awareness and training so they can assess potential risks and work towards minimising possible disturbances.

This booklet outlines measures to help reduce or control noise disturbance.

No one element is likely to work in isolation and so design, technical and management systems are also considered including physical control methods, operational issues and staff involvement.


» Effective Management of Noise from Licensed Premises