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BBPA Responsibility Statement

BBPA Responsibility Statement: A targeted solution to alcohol related harm

The BBPA is fully committed to a responsible drinking culture in the UK and proactively working with all parties to help achieve this.

We believe that a targeted and consistent UK-wide approach is required to build on the strong foundations now in place such as the proposed ban on below-cost selling and the Public Health Responsibility Deal (PHRD).

We would therefore urge legislators and all stakeholders to consider the following targeted policy measures and voluntary initiatives as the next steps towards tackling alcohol-related harm and continuing to develop a culture of respect for alcohol in the UK, especially among young people.

  1. Re-structure the duty regime to encourage consumers towards low alcohol drinks such as beer.

  2. Proactive support for pubs where alcohol is consumed in a managed and safe environment and which are the heart of communities by reducing the regulatory and taxation burden.

  3. Enhance responsible marketing and retailing by:

  • Agreeing retailing principles for alcohol as being proposed as part of the PHRD

  • Further publicise unit information in pubs and clubs via attractive posters, beer mats and glassware and promote the use of 2/3 pint glasses where appropriate

  • Expanding consumer information and responsibility messaging through social media and other on-line activity

  • Allowing producers to promote the merits of lower strength alternatives (e.g. beers below 2.8% ABV)

    1. Further commitment to targeted local enforcement against anti-social behaviour through proven initiatives such as Pubwatch, Community Alcohol Partnerships, Best Bar None, Purple Flag and Business Improvement Districts.

    2. Further commitment to fostering a culture of respect for alcohol amongst youth through continued funding of Drinkaware charity and the £100 million ‘Why let good times go bad?’ social marketing campaign’.

    3. Additional funding for targeted support and interventions in relation to those drinking at harmful levels.

    4. We believe these measures will create behavioural change, help foster a culture of responsible drinking and make Britain a healthier and safer place for all. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss these proposals will all parties involved.

      November 2011