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Brewing Green 2013

In December 2010 BBPA published ‘Brewing Green’, setting out the commitment of members in the Brewing Industry to reduce its impact on the environment.

This report is the second update on how the industry is performing
against our targets and the steps being taken to achieve them.

The UK brewing sector has met its 2020 carbon emissions target eight years early and is on track to achieve its 2020 target for improved water efficiency. The impressive figures are revealed in Brewing Green 2013, a new report published by the BBPA. The sector is also making significant progress in reducing excess packaging and waste.

During 2012, carbon emissions fell by four per cent; a reduction of 67 per cent since 1990 and an energy efficiency improvement of 36 per cent. Although declining volumes have been a factor, the efforts made by companies to reduce energy use and improve efficiencies have been crucial to achieving this reduction in emissions. Whilst this is an achievement to be proud of, the sector will not be complacent and targets will be reviewed during 2014 to set further challenging objectives for 2020.

As part of the drive to improve energy efficiency through participation in the Government’s Climate Change Agreements the sector undertook a review of all the technologies that were in place across the UK's breweries. It examined what could be implemented by 2020 and set the basis of the sector's target. A final target of a 13.6 per cent improvement in energy efficiency compared to 2008 was agreed. This exercise identified core areas for action to allow companies to make informed investments in order to create further efficiency savings.

There has been continued improvement in water efficiency within the sector, with UK brewers making a water saving efficiency gain of 4 per cent between 2011 and 2012. The UK's pint-per-pint water use is ahead of our European counterparts at 4.2 hl/hl and making good headway towards 2020 targets.

You can download the publication below.


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