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Brewing green/Our commitment towards a sustainable future for Britain's beer

Brewing Green/Our commitments towards a sustainable future for Britain's beer is a landmark document which both outlines progress made and sets new challenges for Britain's brewers in the future.

These include tough new targets for carbon emissions and water use. The targets call for a 17.5 per cent reduction in overall CO2 emissions, and an 11 per cent increase in water efficiency between now and 2020.

Britain's brewing industry already has an impressive record in reducing emissions and water use. These new commitments go well beyond any Government requirement or target. On carbon emissions alone, this means that the industry is committing to almost double the Government's 2020 carbon reduction target; 67 per cent lower than 1990 compared with the UK target of 34 per cent.

Alongside these commitments the industry will be improving data collection to allow for better monitoring and performance management.


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