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Climate Change Agreements

Climate Change Agreements (CCA) is a voluntary scheme that allows energy intensive manufacturers (i.e. brewers) to receive a discount on their Climate Change Levy in exchange for meeting energy reduction targets. From the 1st April 2013 the level of discount was 90 per cent for electricity and 65 per cent for direct fuels.

The Chancellor chose to continue CCAs in the latest budget (March 2016). This was one of the four proposals called for by the BBPA following a consultation into the energy efficiency policy landscape, announced at the Summer Budget in 2015. Brewing is an energy intensive process that can be heavily affected by energy taxation. To ensure the competitiveness of the British brewing sector it was essential that CCAs, which provide substantial discounts on the Climate Change Levy (CCL), was continued. The total saving through participating in CCAs is approximately £4 million across the brewing sector.

Please find below draft guidance papers relating to Climate Change Agreements, as well as a BBPA Briefing Note on this topic.


» BBPA CCA Briefing Note
» GP 2.3 Applying the 70% Rule
» GP 2.5 Applying the Bubbling Rules
» GP 3.5 Conversion Factors and Procedures
» GP 3.7 Accounting for CHP
» GP 3.8 Accounting for Renewables
» Accounting for Primary Energy