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Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations apply to the pub sector and should be taken into account to minimise the effect of noise on pub staff.

The music and entertainment sector is defined in the Noise Regulations as all workplaces where live or recorded music is played in a restaurant, bar, public house, discotheque or nightclub, or alongside live music or a live dramatic or dance performance.

The Regulations set lower exposure limits than those currently applied under the 1989 Regulations and place certain duties on employers to:
* Assess the risk to employees of noise at work
* Take action to reduce noise exposure
* Provide employees with hearing protection (only where the noise cannot be reduced)
* Provide instruction and training to employees
* Carry out health surveillance (where there is a risk to health)

BBPA has prepared guidance for the pub sector to help companies comply with the Regulations. This BBPA document complements guidance which has been prepared by an industry working group with support from HSE


» BBPA Guidance - Control of Noise at Work