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Gas Safety in the Cellar

High-pressure gas cylinders used to supply gases for drinks dispense are designed and manufactured to ensure they are safe if filled, used and handled correctly. Cylinders that are not filled in accordance with the gas industry safety and quality standards are potentially dangerous and should not be accepted.

Think Gas Safety in the Cellar – only ever purchase beverage dispense gas products from reputable gas suppliers.

For more information concerning the safety of drinks dispense gases please obtain the following publication which is freely downloadable from BCGA: Leaflet 10 “Profit through Quality - Good Gas, Good Business”. The following posters have also been produced by the BCGA to inform licenses of the risks and dangers associated with not sourcing gas supplies from reputable suppliers: "Good Gas Good Business" & "Cheap Gas Can prove Costly".


» British Compressed Gases Association
» TIS 9 - Gas Safety in the Hospitality Industry