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Global social responsibility initiatives

Brewers play a leading role in and commit significant financial investment to a range of social responsibility initiatives.

These can be found on the Worldwide Brewing Alliance Global Social Responsibility Initiatives website.

The number and diversity of the initiatives recognises the cultural and legal differences in different countries and shows the need to tailor activity to local needs. In addition a range and variety of partnerships with other agencies which are described. Partnership provides an extra dimension for brewing industry initiatives affording them wider expertise, knowledge, scope and coverage. The brewing industry seeks out and welcomes such partnerships worldwide.

More than 1000 initiatives from 34 different countries are described. These have been grouped under 6 main sections.

Campaigns and educational material on responsible or moderate consumption
This is a large section incorporating initiatives on several different themes. As well as campaigns which encourage responsible consumption and promote awareness of the dangers of excessive consumption there are a number of programmes which have been specifically designed to educate young people.

Campaigns and initiatives designed to discourage people from drinking and driving
Young people are the main target group for the initiatives included here and the messages and modes of delivery have been specially designed.

Research and Publications
This section includes communications to many different audiences as well as details of funding for independent research.

Codes of practice for responsible commercial communications
Included here are details of voluntary self-regulatory codes and compliance mechanisms which cover different forms of commercial communications and complement or reinforce the existing national schemes.

Server training
The important area of education and training for managers and staff serving alcoholic drinks is dealt with in this section. Training materials include information which can help them prevent problem situations.

Workplace initiatives and company responsibility campaigns
As well as initiatives to educate staff about responsible drinking this section includes examples of the many different company initiatives to demonstrate the extent of activity in this area.