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Starting a Small Business - HMRC Guidance

HMRC provides a number of tools aimed at those starting and running small businesses, including pubs, designed to help with taking on employees, VAT registration and incorporation.

HMRC education products include:

*A modular e-learning package for businesses to work through. The content covers all aspects of starting and growing a business and the package can be tailored to specific trades/professions (see below for link)

*A range of webinars - live and pre-recorded covering topics such as RTI, VAT, Business Expenses, Capital Allowances and Record Keeping (see below for link)

*A range of videos on YouTube covering subjects such as Registering as Self Employed, PAYE, Trading with Importing and Exporting and The Patent Box.

HMRC Partner Service offers:

*The SME Tax Widget... This iframe application enables partners to display the latest tax guidance from HMRC on their own website. The Widget houses a selection of basic tax guides for small businesses in video (YouTube) and written format.

*Key Message alerts.... These are monthly alerts and reminders on things like filing deadlines, the help and support available to businesses, Budget information and the latest developments from HMRC.

*HMRC Editorials…. News alerts or short briefs on hot topics, for example, PAYE Real Time Information (RTI).


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