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Leading the industry

Beer is Britain’s favourite alcoholic drink, and pubs play a central role in the nation’s social life. Both bring people of all ages and backgrounds together in a uniquely hospitable atmosphere, and drinking is enjoyed responsibly by millions of our customers.

Our industry fully recognises that it has a responsibility to sell alcohol in a way that seeks to minimise the problems associated with the minority who misuse alcohol. It is a responsibility that the BBPA, and all of our members, take very seriously. We want our products to be enjoyed, and not abused.

Across the sector, a huge amount of work goes on every day to ensure alcohol is sold and consumed responsibly. The brochure, which can be found below, highlights just some of these initiatives.

Whether it is providing information to customers, investing in staff training in pubs, working directly with schools, charities and health providers, or providing funding to other organisations that promote responsible drinking, the industry is on the front foot when it comes to tackling alcohol harm. As a leading industry association, the BBPA has a key role in driving up standards, and this we will continue to do.


» Leading the industry: Case studies of responsibility initiatives from members of the brewing and pub industry