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Looking after your kegs and casks

Each year the loss and misuse of kegs and casks costs the beer industry in excess of £50m, as hundreds of thousands of kegs go missing in the pub trade. This cost burden is a serious problem and is unsustainable. The mounting bill affects everyone, including pubs, licensees and their customers.

Only by working together can we tackle this problem and ensure these costs are controlled – we really need your help.

Playing your part
When it comes to the safe and secure management of kegs and casks, everyone, from brewers to wholesalers and pubs, has a key role to play. That’s why the trade has been working together to ensure we all do our bit to encourage best practice in container management – at every stage in the supply chain.

Why should I bother?
Imagine a world without beer containers. Kegs and casks are a vital part of Britain’s brewing and pub heritage. Our beer and pub industry just wouldn’t work without them. The supply of draught beer on such a scale is unique to Britain – and something to be proud of. We must work as an industry to protect our system of delivering beer, and ensure it remains viable and sustainable.

Helping the environment
Kegs and casks are good for the environment. At any given time, there are up to 8 million kegs in use in the UK. They avoid the use of around 7.5 billion bottles or cans – every year.

Controlling industry costs
When it comes to managing containers, everyone benefits from storing kegs safely, securely and returning them promptly. Reduced keg losses will help to manage this soaring cost burden and the extent to which everyone in our industry is affected by its consequences.

How can you help?
There are six key things you need to do to ensure you are adopting best practice in your management of containers. Use these ‘six fixes’ as your constant checklist to ensure you are securely managing your
kegs and casks.

1 - KEEP THEM SAFE: Store them safely – store all containers in a safe place, preferably inside,
from delivery to collection.

2 - SECURE THEM! If containers are left outside – secure them and don’t use them for any other purpose.

3 - PROMPT RETURN - Always return empty containers on each delivery and request the collection of surplus empties promptly to ensure containers always move efficiently through the system.

4 CHECK YOUR PAPERWORK - Check your delivery note – when your empties are collected, always check that the right numbers are entered on the delivery note.

5 - ALWAYS SIGN - Sign it! – always sign your delivery note for both fulls and empties.

6 - ASK FOR ID - If in doubt, ask for identification – only authorised staff will collect your empties.

Need to know more?

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