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Pubwatch is the licensed trade's equivalent of Neighbourhood Watch. Pubwatch schemes have been in existence throughout the UK for over 40 years and range in size from over 200 premises in cities to small rural schemes with as little as 5 premises involved.

The basic principle involved in a Pubwatch is that the licensees of the premises involved agree on a action against those individuals who cause or threaten damage, disorder, violence, use or deal in drugs in their premises or are a general nuisance.

National Pubwatch is a voluntary organisation set up to support existing pubwatches and encourage the creation of new Pubwatch schemes. The key aim of Pubwatch is to achieve a safer and responsibly led social drinking environment in all licensed premises throughout the UK thereby helping to reduce alcohol-related crime.

Through a database of watches and people involved in Pubwatch it provides good practice and other related information circulated by means of a newsletter and a Good Practice Guide. Advice can be provided on problem issues and how to set up a watch. In addition members of its Committee attend seminars and meetings to give presentations on Pubwatch and raise issues of concern found by Pubwatch schemes at a national level with government and other agencies in an attempt to resolve them.

The British Beer & Pub Association is very supportive of the excellent work done by pubwatches and the contribution they make to tackling anti-social behaviour and disorder in communities across the UK. The Association promotes its good practice through the Pubwatch network and is always interested to learn more about local issues affecting pubwatches and to offer any practical support that it can.

More detailed information about National Pubwatch can be found on its website.


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