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The Structure of the Pub Sector

The pub sector employs in the region of 600,000 people and contrary to popular belief, pubs are no longer owned and run by large brewing companies. Over 80% of pubs (i.e. nearly 50,000 outlets) are small businesses which are independently managed or run by self-employed licensees. In simple terms, pubs will fall into one of the following categories:

Managed Houses - these are owned by a pub company or a brewery, and employ salaried managers and staff.

Tenanted/Leased Pubs - these are owned by a pub company or a brewery who receive rent from the licensee who runs the premises as their own business.

Free Houses - these are owned and managed by the licensee.

If you are looking to run a pub, either as a manager, taking on a tenancy or by leasing your own pub business – you may wish to contact one of our member companies .

Details of pubs for sale can also be found in the industry’s trade newspapers.


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