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Cheers! MPs receive special pint glass highlighting UK’s high rates of beer duty in #cutbeertax campaign


Member of Parliament have this week received a special pint glass [see pic] as part of the BBPA’s call for a cut in beer duty in the Budget on 16th March.

The specially designed glass shows the flags of six EU countries, including the UK, and the beer duty charged in each. The UK’s extraordinary 52 pence per pint is shown next to a range of other countries, from the Netherlands, at just 16 pence per pint right down to Germany, at just 4 pence per pint – 13 times LOWER than the UK rate.

Whilst the three, one penny cuts in beer duty in the previous three Budgets have given a real boost to the sector, more action is needed, says the BBPA. MPs will also have an opportunity to show their support for the campaign at a special event in Parliament on 24th February, where they can deliver a ‘message in a barrel’ to the Chancellor showing their support for a further cut in beer duty in the Budget.

Brigid Simmonds, BBPA Chief Executive, comments:

“Our campaign pint glass really gets the message home that beer drinkers in Britain still pay taxes that are hugely out of line with our neighbouring countries. It will take many years of action to undo the negative impact of our high tax rates. I would urge MPs to support a further penny off a pint in in the Budget and to sign Early Day Motion 919 in Parliament.”


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