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English Tourism Week constituency day – Friday, 16th March


Invite your MP to the pub, says Brigid Simmonds

BBPA Chief Executive Brigid Simmonds has urged pubs to make the most of English Tourism Week 2012, by inviting their local MPs to visit a pub to show how vital the trade is to the tourism and hospitality sector. The call follows the publication this week of a unique report on every Parliamentary constituency showing the huge impact pubs have on the local economy and on jobs – especially among 16-24 year olds, as part of the BBPA’s call for Beer Tax freeze this year.

English Tourism Week runs from 10th to 18th March – with Friday, 16th March designated as a special ‘constituency day’, where local MPs are being encouraged to visit local tourism businesses. MPs have been alerted to make themselves available. Brigid Simmonds, who is also Chairman of the Tourism Alliance, says it’s an ideal opportunity to show how important pubs are to the tourism and hospitality sector.

Brigid Simmonds comments:

“English Tourism Week Constituency Day is a great opportunity for pubs to invite their MP to pull a pint on 16th March. 2012 must be the year for the pub, with the summer of celebration ahead of us. As it’s just a week before the Budget, pubs will want to raise the huge rises in beer tax, but also concern over business rates and bank lending for small businesses, to get the much needed investment that a thriving tourism sector needs. We need to show how important pubs are to tourism in Britain.”

Notes to editors:

Further detailed information on English Tourism Week 2012 is on the Visit England website via the link above.
• If you need to check the name of your local MP, use this website link above by typing in your postcode.
• To access the BBPA’s unique set of data on every Parliamentary constituency, click the link above.

To invite your MP, you could adapt the suggested text below:

Tourism Constituency Day – 16th March 2012

Dear *****

As part of the 2012 English Tourism Week celebrations, I would like to invite you to visit name of pubs on 16th March 2012 - National Tourism Constituency Day - so we can show you the value and importance of tourism to Name of Constituency

*** add a brief description of the business that includes a good news element – eg., growth, local employment or visitors attracted to the area or something relevant such as being a new business or having a new element to it***

Tourism is a very important industry for England and it is no exaggeration to say that 2012 is a very important year for tourism. The Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic and Paralmpic Games gives us the unique opportunity to showcase to a global audience what makes a stay in England and the UK so special.

Even without these events, there is much to celebrate within the tourism sector this year. Tourism is the UK’s sixth largest industry. It is worth £115.4bn per annum to the UK economy (8.9% of UK GDP), employs over 3m people and provides the Exchequer with over £22bn per annum in VAT receipts alone.

More importantly however, tourism is a growth industry – revenue generated by domestic tourism in 2011 was up 14% while revenue from inbound tourism was up 6%.

This means that the industry generated an additional £3.9bn for the UK economy in 2011 – which equates to 78,000 new jobs in the sector. And the great thing about these jobs is that they are being created right across the country. Although it often goes unnoticed, tourism is one of the few industries that employs people, creates wealth and sustains local economies in every constituency in the UK.

We look forward to hearing from you and, if you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Information on English Tourism Week itself and other celebratory events being staged is available on website of the national tourist board – VisitEngland

Yours sincerely,

*** name and title, phone number***


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