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Help look after our kegs and casks, says BBPA


With lost kegs and casks continuing to cost the industry around £50 million per year, the BBPA has launched a new awareness campaign to try and ensure best practice when it comes to the safe and secure storage of containers - at every stage in Britain’s beer supply chain.

As part of this new ‘Kegaware’ initiative, a leaflet, ‘Are you doing your bit?’ is being distributed to pubs across the country. Other materials will follow to ensure that all parts of the trade have the information they need to keep this precious resource safe and secure.

With hundreds of thousands of kegs going missing each year, the cost burden is a serious and unsustainable problem, says the BBPA. The costs associated with keg losses affect all parts of the trade, including brewers, pubs, licensees and their customers. When it comes to the safe and secure management of kegs and casks, everyone, from brewers to wholesalers and pubs, has a key role to play.

The BBPA leaflet identifies clearly, the six simple ‘fixes’ for publicans to ensure best practice when it comes to looking after kegs and casks.

1 - KEEP THEM SAFE: Store them safely – store all containers in a safe place, preferably inside, from delivery to collection.

2 - SECURE THEM! If containers are left outside – secure them and don’t use them for any other purpose.

3 - PROMPT RETURN - Always return empty containers on each delivery and request the collection of surplus empties promptly to ensure containers always move efficiently through the system.

4 - CHECK YOUR PAPERWORK - Check your delivery note – when your empties are collected, always check that the right numbers are entered on the delivery note.

5 - ALWAYS SIGN - Sign it! – always sign your delivery note for both fulls and empties.

6 - ASK FOR ID - If in doubt, ask for identification – only authorised staff will collect your empties.

Alongside for this extra vigilance, brewers have reiterated their commitment to collect empty containers in a timely manner, deal promptly with requests for the collection of additional empties, and adhere to the agreed protocols regarding stranded containers, collections from seasonal accounts and when pubs change suppliers.

Brigid Simmonds, BBPA Chief Executive, comments:

“Our system of distributing beer through kegs and casks is a vital part of our hugely vibrant and diverse beer sector in Britain. It’s part of our brewing heritage, and something to be proud of.

“At any given time, there are eight million kegs in circulation. They are a precious resource. Keeping tabs on them is a big challenge, but one we must rise to if we want our unique system of distribution to operate efficiently and effectively for decades to come.”

The new BBPA leaflet has already reached thousands of pubs, but a copy can be downloaded at, where other information is also available on the BBPA’s work in promoting best practice when it comes to looking after Britain’s kegs and casks.

Notes to editors:

The British Beer and Pub Association is the UK’s leading organisation representing the brewing and pub sector. Its members account for 98 per cent of the beer brewed in the UK and own nearly two thirds of Britain’s 52,400 pubs.


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